You are currently viewing 10+ Tips And Tricks For Studying For CPA Exams
10+ Tips And Tricks For Studying For CPA Exams

10+ Tips And Tricks For Studying For CPA Exams

10+ Tips And Tricks For Studying For CPA Exams

It’s no joke to prepare for the CPA Online Exam. To pass this exam, a lot of time, effort, and sacrifice is required. If you desire your ideal accounting position, you must be devoted and persistent. You can use some of the helpful advice in this blog to prepare for the CPA Exam. These tried-and-true suggestions have aided numerous individuals on their path to becoming Certified Public Accountants.

Use The Proper Study Resources

You’ll need to use a study tool when you’re studying for the tests. You can choose from a variety of possibilities. Physical books, electronic books, and online courses are all options. It is frequently advised that students utilize a physical book because it is simpler to mark important ideas and page-turn when answering review questions.
Digital books are a possibility as well, and many students own a laptop or tablet. However, a lot of students complain that the book’s digital version is difficult to read because the print typically seems small on their monitors. You can get a reduced online access code to take your tests if you don’t have a laptop or tablet. This is frequently significantly less expensive than paying for a genuine online course.

Do Not Memorize; Rather, Comprehend

A common error made by students is memorizing a large number of terminology and definitions without fully knowing what they mean. With this, you won’t be able to study! It is more beneficial to learn how to deconstruct important ideas and comprehend why they are crucial. The only way you can pass this test is in this manner. If you don’t ever grasp the subject matter completely, you’ll probably fail.

Be Ready for Challenging Questions

You’ll observe that some of the CPA Exam’s questions can be exceedingly challenging. It is best to practice answering these questions before the test. Sometimes there may be more than one correct response to a question, or there might not be a right or wrong response at all! It’s up to you to broaden your knowledge by doing as much study and learning as you can. You can also request that your teacher offer you some extremely challenging practice questions that are “tougher” but don’t affect your grade.

Short Study Session Studying

The ideal strategy is to study for the CPA examination in brief sessions. You must take a seat with your books or laptop and sit still for a few hours at a time to focus. Taking extended rests in between study periods is unhealthy. It may be time to stop studying if you’re feeling exhausted. You can use this to stay motivated and on course with your CPA studies.
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Get Lots of Rest

Make sure you are consistently getting adequate sleep. Nothing is worse than taking this exam when you haven’t had a good night’s sleep in a row. If your brain is not working properly, you won’t pass the CPA Exam! Avoid skipping sleep to study more; it won’t help. You must look after yourself if you want to have a clear mind and be prepared for this test.

Recall Your Notes

Memorizing your notes is an excellent study strategy. When taking practice exams, makes it simpler for you to recollect the material because it helps you retain it. If you just received your college degree and have no prior employment experience, this is also highly advantageous. Recently graduated college students frequently struggle to pass the exam. One excellent method to get started is to memorize your notes.

Read the Material Before Practice Exams

A wonderful strategy to learn quickly is to study the topic before taking practice exams. If you are aware of the topics that will be covered on the test, it will be easier for you to concentrate on those that are most crucial. Additionally, makes it simpler for you to arrange your notes so that you can emphasize all of the crucial aspects. A fantastic strategy to study and get ready for the test is to read the material before taking practice exams.

Take Practice Exams Under Testing Circumstances

The best approach to study is to take practice exams under test-like circumstances. This means that when taking your practice exams, there shouldn’t be any outside distractions. To ensure that there are no interruptions, it is advantageous to have someone else proctor your exams. If it’s possible, try taking a practice exam without a break or a snack. It can be difficult to handle trying to take practice tests under test-like circumstances, but it’s crucial to make sure you take your practice exams under the same regulations that the exam will follow.

Make a List of Multiple Choice Question Rules

Make sure to adhere to the guidelines when designing criteria for multiple-choice questions! When it comes to multiple-choice questions, the AICPA establishes a precise set of rules. You cannot test on specific subjects, and each question should have exactly four options – neither more nor less. When studying for multiple-choice mock examinations, be sure to always follow the instructions!

Purchase a Reliable Calculator

Always spend on a good calculator for the exam! Some calculators may come pre-programmed with specific calculations, which can be very useful and time-saving. It is essential to speak with your state board before investing in a calculator. The AICPA sends a list of approved calculators to the state boards every year. Make sure your state board has approved the calculator of your choice before the test day.

Keep A Journal

Keeping a journal will bring so many benefits when it comes to exam preparation. If you need additional assistance or are having trouble with a particular subject, take some time to write about your problems in your journal. You can think more clearly and find the finest solutions to many difficulties by maintaining a journal! Always think about journaling or writing things down about your CPA journey both before and after the real exam.

Maintaining Simplicity

A great way to live is to keep things simple, especially when taking the CPA Exam. Always choosing the simplest option rather than increasing complication is the wisest course of action. If you’re not sure whether a solution is good or not, trust your gut feeling. You’ll quickly discover that keeping things straightforward in terms of preparation is the best course of action.

Finding a Study Partner

One of the finest strategies to raise your practice exam grades is to go over your materials with a study buddy. Getting a study buddy could mean the difference between passing and failing if you discover that studying by yourself isn’t working for you. To make things much easier to handle, try to find someone else who also wants to pass the CPA Exam.

Purchase An Outline

Outlining will help you stay organized as you study for the test. Follow an outline if you’re having problems recalling the themes in a particular segment. Because they are so convenient and incredibly enlightening. Strategies from online providers are beneficial. Reading them won’t interfere with your life because you can access them anytime and anywhere.

Be Prompt With Your Studies

It’s crucial to study on time when getting ready for the test. This means that you shouldn’t wait until the day or week before your test date to begin studying. Make sure you prepare at least three weeks before the test date because leaving it too late to complete practice examinations and problems is the worst thing you can do.


The more you understand about getting ready for the CPA Exam, the more it will help you on test day. Follow every one of these suggestions to get the most out of your time and effort while studying for tests and issues. These are some excellent methods to begin your path to passing the test.
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