You are currently viewing 5 Tips to Increase Your Productivity and Break the Cycle of Laziness
5 Tips to Increase Your Productivity and Break the Cycle of Laziness

5 Tips to Increase Your Productivity and Break the Cycle of Laziness

5 Tips to Increase Your Productivity and Break the Cycle of Laziness

Being lazy is a human condition, every person feels lazy. The feeling of laziness passes in a day or two. The real problem begins when you are lazy for a longer period, for many days and weeks and this feeling of laziness is constant.
When laziness starts to kick in, it has an impact on your daily routine, your job, and your life and that’s when you realize that you’re stuck in a cycle. If laziness is affecting you too then you should follow these tips to break the cycle.

1. Go Behind the Realistic Goals

When you don’t have a proper goal, you’re most likely to feel lost. The absence of goals is like going on a journey without knowing the endpoint. When you don’t have a defined purpose, and you’re unclear about your direction, you may get stressed and become lazier.
The first step you need to take is to become active again when setting your goals. Always keep your goals realistic, instead of trying to be perfect.
When you aim too high and make some unrealistic objectives without having a proper goal can lead to feeling burnout and it makes you feel lazy and you are not motivated. So, plan according to what you’re trying to achieve this year, then divide it into chunks and choose what will you do to reach that target on a weekly or monthly basis.
If you are clear about your objectives, it will keep you engaged, and while you achieve your commitments over a time of a week or a month, you might break the cycle in the process.
When you write your goals down on a piece of paper, it’s easy to lose track of them. So, if you want to stay organized and on top of things, apps like TickTick might be useful. You may design your goals, move them through different stages based on your progress, and then put accomplished goals in separate columns to monitor your accomplishments using this useful task management tool.

2. Prepare A Proper To-Do-List

Once you’ve defined your long-term goals, it is extremely crucial to divide them into smaller chunks of tasks. Preparing to-do lists can regularly help you. When dividing a bigger task into a smaller one, clearly define your steps, it becomes quite easier for them to achieve them one at a single time. By doing that, you will neither lose your concentration nor face any difficulty keeping up with your long-term goals.
When you can see how much time you have left for the day and how many chores remain on your to-do list, it’s easy to pick up the pace. When you accelerate, you will release your inner motivation, lowering laziness significantly. This is how establishing a to-do list can help you break the pattern of being lazy.
To do list is the best app to prepare a to-do list. You may use it to organize your entire day, including your daily calendar, organizing your daily tasks, and setting reminders to stay on track.
For example, if you’re a student so you’ll need to figure out someone to “take my online class” when you’re busy doing something else.

3. Set Alarms and Break Up the Tasks

Once you have planned your goal for the month and start following the to-do list, setting the alarms for every task can also help you overcome laziness. Whenever an alarm reminds you of an incomplete task, you are forced to boss up your efforts out of guilt hidden inside you. As a result, even though it takes a longer time, you finish the task at hand in a limited time.
Setting time limitations for each task also helps you remain on top of your workload and be more productive. You can keep your focus in check by evaluating and comparing your performance regularly. When you lose track, the warning sound will assist you in regaining it. Additionally, if you finish your task before your alarm goes off, you can take small breaks to reward yourself.
However, when you manually set the alarms every once in a while, can be a tiring process, and you might lose your attention when you do this. If you want to avoid this from happening, try using an application like To-Do-Reminders with alarms.
You can use the app to set reminders for all or only the most important chores. When the time limit has passed, you will receive a notification and an alarm. As a result, it may be able to assist you in overcoming your laziness and being more disciplined.

4. Keep Tracking Your Progress

Tracking your progress is one of the most crucial steps in attaining your goals on time. This will only keep you organized, but also increase your motivation of yours. Acknowledging your efforts and seeing that you’ve achieved your goals boost your confidence, motivating you to do more.
Moreover, when you are lacking in pace, it reminds you to speed up your efforts. In both cases, progress tracking is very useful.
Making a checklist, going over it periodically, and marking the tasks as done when you’re done is the easiest approach to keep track of your progress. The desire to accomplish another work could be the key to ending your laziness cycle, and the psychological benefits will be tremendous. How can you be lethargic to break this streak when your plans are succeeding day after day?
While many apps help you track your progress with a checklist, which we earlier mentioned can also help you manage and track your progress. You can make use of different goal-tracking templates, and can easily keep track of all of your progress and priorities in check. Keeping track of your achievements and your to-do lists in the same app makes it easier for you.

5. Minimize Your Distractions

Distractions are your worst adversary, as they may quickly divert you from your goals. When you lose focus, things start to pile up, making you frustrated and losing motivation in yourself, causing you to become lazy. Distractions are common and we all experience them, but how well you avoid them and how quickly you recover are the most important factors.
The first step is to make a list of your distractions and then ask yourself how you can avoid them. Those who wish to avoid being sidetracked while working on a computer all day can use various site blocker plugins to prevent social media and video streaming websites.
Many apps can block some of your applications and sites and prevent you from visiting those. You can also turn on the Focus mood so that you can properly concentrate on your work.
If your distractions are different, such as working in a noisy place, wanting to snuggle your pets, or gossiping with the people around you, finding a quiet area is the best approach to get your work done.
Especially if you’re a student, you’ll need online class help later on if you miss out on some because of being distracted.

Final Thoughts

The suggestions in this article should assist you in overcoming your inactivity and becoming more active. Mindfulness, eating well, exercising frequently, and meditating are some more things you can do to feel motivated and improve your focus at work. You will have no issue ending the vicious cycle of idleness if you follow all of the advice presented here.
Is it simple for you and your team to become sidetracked while working remotely? Consider moving from video conferencing to text-only communication. You’ll be in a state of shock at how much more productive you’ll be.